As the football world reels from the controversy which resulted in the England Manager having to resign, once again as a PR practitioner, I was very interested in how this will be handled by his PR team? Is this the time when it’s best he keeps his head down, or did they already have a crisis management strategy ready?

You can never let up. PR is ongoing, you never know when you have to initiate your crisis management strategy. My advice to businesses would be, make public relations and integral part of your business plan. If you cultivate and build a trustworthy brand, when/if you hit a crisis, you will be much better prepared to handle it.

I find myself constantly advising clients that PR is ongoing; Unlike a specific marketing or advertising campaign, public relations is a task which I would advise clients to always have as an integral part of their growth strategy.

Even as a public relations agency, Shiloh PR is always seeking opportunities to maintain its public profile. As Directors, we are always looking for angles we can use to stay in the media. We frequently accept requests for interviews from a variety of magazines and radio stations as well as always being on the look out for opportunities to gain media attention for the business. As a mother/daughter partnership, we can often have two bites of the cherry on certain subjects.

I’m a woman of ‘a certain age’, my daughter is a highly accomplished young woman who’s climbing up the corporate ladder whilst trying to the build a company, we use our experience and very different journeys as materials for the media.

There are lots of tools available for businesses to keep building brand awareness and raise their personal and business profile. Among lots of tips for gaining media attention given at our DIR PR Masterclass, one which we encourage our clients to regularly use is, the hashtag #journorequest on Twitter. This is where journalists and frequently PR practitioners, post requests for contributors or case studies. This is a really easy way of offering yourself up as a contributor.

As a PR agency, short fixed-period projects are our bread and butter however, for anyone who is serious about building brand recognition or increasing awareness of their business, never let up on seeking PR opportunities.

The reality is, most likely you’re doing it every day. You’ve just not recognised it as PR. Keep public relations at the forefront of your growth strategy. If you do this, you will subconsciously always be aware and be prepared to take advantage of these opportunities.

If you don’t know where to start with devising your PR strategy? Find a good agency who specialises in your area. There are thousands of agencies available.

Good luck, onwards and upwards with growing your business.

An earlier version of this article was published on LinkedIn by Evadney Campbell MBE