Creating an effective PR campaign – Maximise your brand potential and media presence

This training workshop will give delegates tips and practical exercises on how to develop your own public relations campaign including tips for creating an effective press release, using social media as well as ideas for gaining media attention for your business.

Objectives: By the end of the course, you should be able to:
• Identify the dos & don’ts of writing a press release
• Compile a PR plan
• Write an email pitch
• Identify at least 5 different mediums to gain publicity
• List at least 3 different social media sites

Session will include:

  • Writing a press release
  • Using a template to create an email PR pitch
  • Generating ideas  for maximising opportunities for media coverage/exposure
  • Tips to generate media attention
  • Identifying key social media sites for promoting your business

Who should attend?

SMEs including sole traders who want to develop their own PR campaigns but cannot afford the services of a professional agency.  It is also suitable for other executives who want a better understanding of how PR works.