This course aims to give you some tools to confidently handle the media during a crisis. This session will focus on interviews for broadcast, in live & pre-recorded situations, however, the principles will equally apply to print or online interviews.

Given the growth and influence of social media, we will also identify some of the pitfalls of social media during a crisis and will give you a few suggestions of how to avoid or minimize these.

Objectives: By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Create a basic crisis management plan for handling the media
  • Conduct on the spot interview during a crisis
  • Ensure your message is delivered & not that of the journalist
  • Identify the different requirements for print or broadcast


Session will include:

  • A presentation on tips for carrying out live on the spot interviews
  • Tips on handling the media in the immediate aftermath of a crisis
  • Listening/viewing interviews how not to do it
  • Discussing what went wrong and why Listen/view good interviews
  • Discuss why this went well
  • Different needs of newspapers, radio, or TV news
  • Learn about some of the key areas for consideration ahead of an interview
  • Learn the 3 Rs for handling a crisis

Who should attend?

Managers or senior staff members likely to be requested to do media interviews, particularly during a crisis.