Handling the media

This course aims to give you some tools to help you confidently handle the media during an interview whether print or broadcast, in live & pre-recorded situations.

Objectives: By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Carry out a studio based interview for TV or radio
  • Carry out a field interview for radio or TV
  • Ensure your message is delivered & not that of the journalist
  • Recognise at lease 3 broadcast media terminology
  • Identify the different requirements for print or broadcast

Session will include:

Handling broadcast media interviews

  • A presentation on tips for carrying out live/pre-recorded interviews
  • Guide on what to expect in radio & TV studios
  • Dos & Don’ts during a live broadcast interview
  • Listening/viewing interviews how not to do it
  • Discussing what went wrong and why Listen/view good interviews
  • Discuss why this went well
  • Different needs of newspapers, radio, or TV news
  • Learn about some of the key areas for consideration ahead of an interview
  • Learn the 3 Rs for handling a crisis

Who should attend?

Anyone who does media interviews – print, online or broadcast on behalf of their organisation, or anyone who prepares spokespeople for media interviews.