The final number of people known to have perished in the horrific fire at Grenfell Towers, Kensington & Chelsea is finally released.  This disaster has left the council faced with a level of  PR disaster authorities across the country hoping they will never see.

Kensington and Chelsea council has had to battle negative publicity and criticism widely across the country due to its handling of the Grenfell Tower fire.  They were criticised for their lack of transparency, accused of lack of empathy for the community and months after the fire, the council is still dealing with negative publicity.

Dealing with crisis has become a daily occurrence. Since January this year, there have been a plethora of  covering a wide range of issues including; Pepsi suffering a backlash following an advert with Kendal Jenner, United Airlines after they were filmed removing a passenger from one of their flights, Cosmopolitan magazine following a particularly misleading and insensitive headline, and more recently Miramax and the Harry Weinstein scandal, Dove with one of their latest campaigns and now the entire UK parliamentary establishments.

PR crisis does not need to be on a major scale like Grenfell or the current sexual harassment.  Unfortunately, today, with the popularity of social media, it only takes one malicious post to go viral for a business to find itself embroiled in a PR disaster.

Whilst it’s impossible to entirely eradicate the possibility of a crisis, what you can do, is be prepared for the potential eventuality. Don’t wait until your business, or you are embroiled in a disaster, put a plan in place now. Create effective and well tested procedures and policies. We like to call it, a form of ‘insurance’ for your business.

If you’re struggling, seek professional help. Shiloh PR’s team are able to help you to create an effective plan to help you tackle the media minefield should the worse case scenario occur.